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Foods that help focus for performance

A new product we found recently will help with focus is blueberry heaven bars. We sourced these products from the farthest parts of the Mediterranean sea. It’s amazing what they do. For the longest time, people have found that certain foods increase one’s ability to focus and perform. Many athletes, as well as scholars, have looked far and wide for nutrients that can help them outperform their peers.

As we scoured the nutrition market we found a shortage of products that focus on one of the most ignored fruits on the market: the blueberry. As a nutrition company that strives to provide the best value and quality for our customers, we sought to create a product that can be the standard for concentration and memory supplements. Terapii Naturale has released the Blueberry Heaven bar.

Studies have shown that blueberries are conducive to boosting cognitive effects like concentration and focus. This is caused by the large amounts of antioxidants in the blueberries. The blueberry heaven bar releases these hormones into the bloodstream and helps stimulate active circulation of the blood throughout your body – which in turn leads to a myriad of benefits that can improve performance in many competitive environments.

Ever since we introduced this product, many people have reached out to tell us how beneficial its use has been. One of our major customers is the website https://www.rsgoldstop.com. This site is an e-commerce site that focuses on providing in-game services as well as performance-enhancing items to better the experience of its customers. The site recently launched the real-life division, which finds the most relevant items for its customers. Although it focuses on providing quality service for customers looking to buy osrs gp, the site has decided to add a different route in the future of its business. We hope we can maintain a lasting relationship and provide blueberry heaven bars to our partner for the coming years.

Another partner that we recently acquired was Elite Dynamic Sports. The blueberry heaven bar has been a great complement to their nutrition program. Unlike our partnership with RSgoldstop, Elite Dynamic Sports is more focused on performance. While concentration is necessary for their clients, solid nutrition plans are of the utmost importance to Elite’s clients. The blueberry heaven bar is jam-packed with a ton of amino acids as well as vitamins that enhance an athletes recovery times between workouts.

What Terapii Naturale can say is that the Blueberry heaven bar should be a staple amongst all health conscious individuals. While the product is still relatively obscure, we hope outreach to various brick and mortar establishments can allow more customers to experience the benefit of the product. In the meantime, we are doing product development and research to find more ways to incorporate the antioxidant power of blueberry in our other product lines.

That’s it for today. We hope you have enjoyed our latest update on our products. If you’re looking for some solid tips on how to improve your life by simply changing your diet, check our our last article on the benefits of going vegan. If you have any questions or want to place an order, be sure to contact our sales team at retailers@tnaturale.net.

Science-based Health Benefits of Eating Vegan

Contrary to popular belief, veganism is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle, and while many people resort to veganism to shed unwanted weight, some people take it extremely seriously.

Some, for instance, don’t eat meat based on the belief that eating animals or harming them and using them for the purpose to produce products, is animal abuse. Others are not very phased by the common understanding of animal cruelty and rather eat vegan because of its amazing health benefits.

If a vegan diet allows for food to be processed inside of your body within two hours, can you imagine how fast your body must burn energy at that rate? It ultimately means that your metabolism is faster than any meat or dairy consumer and you are reaping the benefits thereof, all while losing a lot of unwanted weight fast.

Switching to Vegan – The Endless Health Benefits

If you’ve switched to a vegan lifestyle or you’re still planning to, we can provide you with motivation and tell you to go through with it. It is because, consuming vegan-friendly food, will allow you to experience more benefits than that of a non-vegan diet.

A glowing skin

glowing skin

It starts with your skin, but it doesn’t end there. When you switch to vegan, you’ll be consuming so much nutrient-rich food, and most of it in it’s rawest form, which will for sure show up on your skin. Not only will it help clear your skin, but it will also give you a glow that can’t be bought anywhere.

A vegan diet consists of much more nutrients

You’ll be eating foods that you didn’t even know existed. This is because you’ll be looking for more variety. We’re not saying a vegan diet lacks in nutrients at all, but vegans are always looking for something new or trying to take traditional dishes, such as mac and cheese or pizza and turn it into vegan wonder. Vegan diets also consist of primarily, whole foods, which means you’ll only be consuming whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds.

Eating a vegan diet contains much more antioxidants, fibre, essential fatty acids and much more vitamins than you could ever imagine.

Lower blood sugar levels and added health from inside out

Vegans have much lower blood sugar levels. Their insulin sensitivity is also much lower, making them a lot less prone to diabetes. Switching from animal protein to plant protein will also increase your kidney function.

Less prone to cancer and heart disease

If veganism can lower your risk to get cancer or heart disease, then this is the ideal diet for any person as the chances of getting cancer and heart disease is higher now than it was ever before.

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as legumes, will lower your risk of obtaining heart disease by up to 757% and make you less prone to get certain cancers by up to 20%.

What’s more is, veganism also rids the body from inflammation, which is one of the primary sources that make us sick and cause people to die young.

Other than its added weight loss and endless health benefits, do you need more reasons to switch to vegan?


Foods to build up stamina

When you’re treading on the “fitness” way, you yourself will know and understand the importance of stamina and endurance. To keep up with your workout regime, you have to feed your body foods that will keep your stamina high. We’ve listed a few foods which you can opt for to help you feel fuller and more energised to help you work harder without getting exhausted.

  1. Bananas:
    You can easily swap your sports drink with bananas. Bananas are high on carbohydrates and work wonders to pump in energy into your body immediately. Make sure you include this power-packed fruit in your daily diet!
  2. Almonds:
    These nuts can help to keep you full for a long time. The omega 3 fatty acids are superb sources of energy, and they’re perfect as they don’t get accumulated in the body. Almonds are great for the health of your heart and also for the rest of your body. Munch on a handful!
  3. Citrus fruits:
    Wondering how citrus fruits work on your stamina? Well, here’s the logic – Citrus fruits are powerhouses of vitamin C which helps your body absorb iron better. So actually, iron is the stamina booster here, but it works best in combination with vitamin C. So along with your iron, make sure your vitamin C intake is ample too.citrus
  4. Iron:
    Let’s talk about foods that are abundant in iron. Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach are loaded with lots of iron. The liver is also a rich source of iron. Broccoli and pumpkin seeds are great too. Make sure you include these foods regularly in your diet to keep refilling the lost iron in your body.
  5. Lean meat:
    All kinds of lean meat act as perfect stamina builders. They not only keep you feeling full but also high on energy for the entire day. Meat is slower to digest, which ensures the release of energy at regular intervals. Make lean meat a part of your diet and observe the change in your stamina levels.
  6. Soybeans:soybeans
    Soybeans are high in insoluble fibre and other nutrients which are the perfect catalysts to stamina. Including soybeans in your diet will build up ample energy store which will help you breeze through even the most intense of all workouts.
  7. Oatmeal:
  8. The humble oatmeal finds itself in this list too! The complex carbs and fibres in oatmeal make it the perfect supplement for hardcore physical activity. Oatmeal is often found in the diet of athletes. And it is known for its immense energy boosting qualities.

So there you go – we’ve got a list to help you boost your stamina, which will surely help you!




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